Stop fighting your diagramming tool

Diagramming tailor-made for software engineers

Why OneModel?

OneModel aims to build a diagramming tool optimized for software engineers. With this focus, we can bring stellar experiences directed to software engineering use cases. In this beta we support creating architecture diagrams. As we progress you can expect support for all types of diagrams such as Sequence Diagrams, DB Schema Diagrams, Flowcharts, State Machines, and many more!
Arrows routing around obstacles in clean paths to their targets.

Intelligent Arrow Routing

OneModel automatically finds the best route for your arrows with no overlaps and clean hop-overs.

Many variations of icons showing the breadth of icon support in OneModel

Standardized Icons

We got everything from cloud providers to your favorite third-party services at the tip of your fingers, ready to go.

Multiple people represented by cursors editing a single diagram collaboratively.


Edit your diagrams live and collaborate with your team members no matter where they are.

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OneModel is free to use and will remain free after the public beta. We'd love your feedback on the tool!
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